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Artikel Tagged ‘Anders Edenroth’

The Real Group – on their 30th anniversary tour in Korea

24. September 2015 Keine Kommentare

by Juliana Baron, Vocal Blog Asia, September 2015

It was 1984 when The Real Group was formed. More than 3 decades later, they are still touring across the globe and celebrating their 30th anniversary with their fans all over the world. A few days ago, The Real Group had a concert in the Seoul Arts Center in Korea. Although in the same time zone, we failed to do a „Real“time interview due to bad internet connection. But Morten, baritone of The Real Group, was so nice to give me an interview at a later time. I am very happy to share it with you here on Vocal Blog!

An Interview with Morten Vinther (The Real Group)

Juliana: Congratulations to your 30th anniversary – The seniors of contemporary a cappella! This year (2015), you started your anniversary world tour – is it routine or how does it feel different?

Morten Vinther Sørensen, The Real Group

Morten Vinther Sørensen, The Real Group

Morten: It feels like an extreme privilege for us, to get to celebrate our anniversary with so many people all over the world. And singing songs from almost the whole period of 30 years, puts our own work into a new perspective – for example; choosing songs for an anniversary concert is REALLY hard, when you have hundreds of potential candidates for the list. So that feels different! And even though singing concerts and traveling is what we do, it never becomes routine to meet a smiling audience. Every night is different and we thoroughly enjoy it – recently in South Korea we had fans bringing cake and enjoyed it a bit extra! :-)

Juliana: On your „round the world tour“, you’ve just been in Korea. It seems you’ve been almost everywhere. How did you choose the countries and locations for your anniversary tour?

Morten: We actually sat down with a wish to spoil ourselves a little and said: Which places that we have been to would be on a wish-list? And then we basically tried to make that happen with our manager Helena Roos and our hardworking contacts all over the world. This far the tour has included central Europe, most of Scandinavia, United States, Japan, England, South Korea and before the year is over we will visit Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Latvia, Denmark and have a few trips in Sweden.

Juliana: What is your favorite location?

Morten: Impossible to answer! Every spot has it’s own charm, and I really like getting to switch between cultures and regions all the time. We are all in love with FOOD though (!), which results in tough concerts when we visit countries like Italy and Japan – note to self: don’t eat the 15th bite of sushi before the concert!

Juliana: What is your special linkage to Korea?

Morten: Some years back a very visionary man - Jay W. Sung, FEEL MUSIC – contacted us, because he wanted to use our music in TV-commercials in South Korea and he immediately made us appear on big campaigns on national TV. So that was actually the start of when ended out extensive touring in Korea, hosting an a cappella festival in Seoul, singing at the opening-ceremony of the FIFA World Cup and developing the “a cappella phone” with LG to name the most important things (of course, the love for Korean food followed…)

Juliana: What is your personal highlight touring / singing with the Real Group?

The Real Group

The Real Group

Morten: Personal highlights, hmm, there’s almost too many highlights – but I will try to name a few.

- Touring in South Africa is definitely on the list. We are ambassadors for the charity organization Star for Life that work in South Africa have been visiting schools with that initiative, while also doing our normal concert. Deeply moving encounters with the smiles, the singing and the past.

- Almost living for one month (in total) in the middle of Shibuya, Tokyo, while singing 19 concerts in almost all the suburban areas of Tokyo. Feels a little like home when we come back now.

Juliana: Looking back in your band’s history and your many visits to Asia, how do you think the A Cappella world changed during that time? Especially in Asia?

Morten: The genre has opened up to so many different ways of approaching a cappella. In Asia we have seen both the contemporary and the folky styles develop a lot.

Juliana: Three decades „The Real Group“ – you became ambassadors for a cappella – What is the secret of establishing a worldwide successful renown a cappella group and keeping at the top, motivating and inspiring other groups to sing a cappella?

Morten: I would say that The Real Group has never had those “goals” in mind. I’m not sure it’s secrets but curiosity, timing, respect and extremely hard work has definitely been factors, that has helped on the way – hard work being the biggest one! :-)

Juliana: Do you need to continuously reinvent yourself?

Morten: It would be very boring if we continued to do the same, so I think we have a natural urge to invent new music, new arrangements and follow new ideas – no sure if that is reinventing. But it probably comes out of the aforementioned curiosity… it’s hard to stop that!

The Real Group greeting the Vocal Blog followers “Meet!”

Juliana: What comes next? What are your upcoming projects? Will you continue with LEVELELEVEN (The Real Group + Rajaton)?

Morten: We have a repertoire with a symphony orchestra, that we will take out a few times within the next year. And yes, that’s our plan to continue with LEVELELEVEN – as long as Rajaton wants us on stage with them :-) It’s a very dear project to all of us and besides developing new music and exploring a new instrument together, we have so much fun when we meet. There’s already a few concerts in the calendar for next year with Leveleleven, and we’re looking forward to the luxury.

Juliana: Is „the Bass-Anders“ leaving the biggest change you experienced during your time with The Real Group? 

Morten: Yes, it is definitely the biggest change I have experienced, because Anders Jalkeus is the first member that has left the group, since I joined. That being said, I have been singing with Emmas substitute Kerstin when Emma was on her maternity leave and now more than half a year with our new bass Janis Strazdins – so the changes feel less dramatic than they might look, I guess. The music always lingers on

Juliana: Your new bass Janis joined this year. How did Janis make his way from Latvia to The Real Group?

Morten: We already knew about Janis before we started to look for Anders Jalkeus’ replacement. He used to sing in the extraordinary Latvian vocal group Cosmos and since they split up some years back he quickly made it to our list of people we wanted to talk to. For the last five years, Janis has been singing and touring with the renowned Latvian Radio Choir so it was a steady, calm and experienced guy who entered our rehearsal place to try out with us. I remember rehearsing much longer passages of the pieces than we had planned for, and generally our feedback to his singing was very positive – Janis was cool and answered: “Well, that’s what they pay me for…”    :-)  Janis feels like a great addition to the group and his background reflects the same kind of musical curiosity that can be found in The Real Group – so now we are curious about the future :-) !

Juliana: What is ”The Real Group Academy” about?

Morten: The Real Group Academy is our online “hub” for education within the vocal music field. We have tried to find a way to tie all the great teachers we know out there to all the wonderful singers who wants to learn more. So we really try to connect the singers/conductors/arrangers who want to improve – to the one they need to talk to, so they can meet in real life or via Skype or other digital platforms. The Real Group Academy organize weekend-courses, festivals, coachings, workshops and through Peder Karlsson we’re a part of the RAMA Vocal Center in Denmark. We care a lot about vocal music, basically.

Juliana: Thank you so much for your interview! Enjoy the remaining 30th anniversary tour of The Real Group!

The Real Group “Live in Japan” (also mentioned by Kaichiro Kitamura who is a guest performer on the CD)


12 deep and not so deep questions for LACF2014 visitors

by Florian Städtler, reporting from Stockholm, #VBontour

Meeting Morgen & Anders in Stockholm

Some might remember my blog post about my “A Cappella World Tour 2012″, when I was lucky to plan and direct a cappella performances at a corporate roadshow in Mainz, Hong Kong, Baltimore and Sao Paolo. Probably the closest I yet came to the thing I would call “the time of my life”, at least my professional life. These jobs are quite exciting as you get deep insight into the world of huge corporations and how they use art to communicate to their stakeholders in a more “soulful”, inspiring way. So after I introduced those guys to the art of “making-400-salespeople-learn-and-record-a-song-in-20-minutes”, they hired me for more jobs of that kind. Before I even knew it, I had turned into a scriptwriter and event director, bridging the linguistic and communicative gap between the corporate and arts world.

Working at an international corporate event as a director of a business theatre play and a staged “activist flashmob”, I’ve stayed in Stockholm for the whole of this week and when it all was over yesterday evening, I finally had  some time to meet two very good friends, The Real Group’s Anders Edenroth and Morten Vinther. We realized that we will very soon meet again, which made us even happier: At the Kulturbörse Freiburg’s “A Cappella Special”, one of Germany’s most prominent showcases on January 29th and, even before that at the London A Cappella Festival 2014, 23rd-25th of January, where they will return after their fantastic London debut two years ago.

Meeting at Urban Deli, a restaurant/deli-shop mix in the hot-spot neighborhood of Södermalm, we soon discussed all the world and his brother, starting from challenges of funeral performances to national stereotypes, the concept of individualistic education and Swedish “Knäckebröd”. Inspired by two very intelligent and witty friends, I’ve collected some questions taken right out of this conversation, that will have to be discussed further with all the other intelligent and witty people at LACF2014 after-show parties and #LACFextra events. We are happy to hear your immediate comments, too, feel free to utter them in the comments section of in Vocal Blog’s Facebook group!

1. Is Swedish “Knäckebröd” better than Finnish?

2. The world has to change, as the current system destroy the environment and the spirit of community sacrificed to economics. Who will realize AND ACT first: The Europeans? The Chinese? The Americans?

Jo Eteson, Olli Griffiths, Tiina Vihtkari at LACF 2013

Jo Eteson, Olli Griffiths, Tiina Vihtkari at LACF 2013

3. How can we get to an educational system that fits the whole variety of talent that human beings offer? Away from the “educational mass production” and around the problem of measuring learnings in a unified way?

4. Why is Stephen Fry so fascinating? Because of his wonderful language skills? Because his remarkable openness regarding his homosexuality? Because of his fantastic acting and public speaking? Because of this beautiful documentary “Stephen Fry in America”? Because of this stunning documentary of his own bipolar disorder?

5. How can you deal with a promoter who exercises his power by constantly smiling and expressing his enthusiasm while not even managing to warm a vegetable soup backstage? And should every musician be able to heat vegetable soup on a stove by himself?

6. What are the true virtues of a tour manager?

7. Is English beer better than its reputation as being “lukewarm cervisia” (“Asterix in Britain”)?

Willy "Deli" Eteson in action.

Willy “Deli” Eteson in action.

8. Did you know that Willy Eteson, former tenor and business director of The Swingle Singers and his long-time choir singing friends annually slaughter a pig to produce sausage and all kind of other British delicacies? (Keep an eye on him at King’s Place, I’m pretty sure he’ll have his doggy/piggy bag with very special treats ready in 2014, too.)

9. What percentage of national stereotypes are actually true? Is everything in Sweden based on “consensus”? Are the Danish the happiest people in the world? Are the Germany efficient and do they have that very bad sense of humour?

10. Do we tend to think that none of these stereotypes are true, because our artistic, aca-harmonic community gives us a false impression of how open-minded and polyglot people from all countries are?

11. Who was the first person to join Florian Städtler for a Vocal Jog? a) Anders Edenroth or b) Morten Vinther?

12. What are questions you would like to discuss at LACF2014?

You think this is pretty random? Of course it is – it’s what three guys at a bar in Stockholm came up with in 2 hours and with (only) six Swedish beers in total. Find better questions, if you can. And maybe even answers…

#VocalJog 2013 - are you ready for this year's Saturday morning run? #LACFextra

#VocalJog 2013 – are you ready for this year’s Saturday morning run? #LACFextra

Hi, I’m Florian Städtler, a cappella agent, blogger, event director and scriptwriter. You might want to follow Vocal Blog and I don’t want to stop you doing so. Check out the Facebook group and fan page as well as Twitter, my shop Acappellazone and the respective YouTube channel. See you in London next week, there are tickets left, but I recommend making this call now…