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Artikel Tagged ‘Cadence’

Vokal Total Concert Festival 2015

by Juliana Baron, Vocal Blog Asia, November 2015

Vokal Total 2015 in Munich – a series of a cappella concerts

Oops, Vocal Blog “Asia” from Vokal Total in Munich??? Yes, it’s me again, traveling around the globe to visit the biggest A Cappella Festival in Germany: Vokal Total. Don’t confuse it with the International A Cappella Competition in Graz. Munich’s Vokal Total is a 3-months series of a cappella concerts (October to December) bringing the crème de la crème of vocal bands not only from Germany but from various countries to Munich. It is a pity not living close by, but me coming from Shanghai – there is no excuse for anyone in Europe to not visit this amazing festival. Thanks to the variety of different vocal groups, you will for sure find the right concert and it is also thanks to Romy Schmidt who’s hosting the Vokal Total that every year you can see the top groups and high potential newcomer groups performing in one of the 3 event locations Tonhalle, Freiheiz or Spectaculum Mundi.

Asking Romy about her personal favorite and highlight, she doesn’t know where to start and where to end, her eyes sparkling and you can feel her enthusiasm with which all the audience gets infected sooner or later.

Vokal Total 2015 – that’s 26 concerts, 37 vocal bands:

Maybebop - picture taken by Nicole Brothánek (E&P Brothánek)

Maybebop – picture taken by Nicole Brothánek (E&P Brothánek)

The old stagers of contemporary A Cappella in Germany like the Wise Guys, Six Pack or Maybebop, a huge number of local heroes like La Psychotta, aMuSing, VoiceBreak, One World Project, Terzinfarkt, in-Voice, bar nineteen or Wonnebeats.

Internationally well-known choirs like the Brasilian choir Cantares from Munich, the Jazzchor Freiburg or Voices In Time.

International groups like Cadence and Eh440 from Canada, Rock4, The Junction and iNtrmzzo from the Netherlands, Vocal Six from Sweden, Safer Six and zwo3wir from Austria, INVIVAS from Switzerland, FOOL MOON from Hungary.

Many more stars and rising stars of the a cappella horizon: Viva Voce, Delta Q, basta, ONAIR, Füenf, A Cappella hoch 4, malebox, Vocal Recall, Les Brünettes, str8voices, cash-n-go, Suchtpotential, Elevator Pitch.

What’s so special about Vokal Total and how did a cappella evolve in Germany? – Who knows better than Maybebop, the outstanding vocal band from Northern (!) Germany. Maybebop didn’t miss a single Vokal Total.



You shouldn’t wait long though to get your tickets. Most of the concerts get sold out very fast and people will queue in front of the entrance hoping to get one of the few remaining tickets.

The 8 last chances, unless you can wait until Vokal Total 2016:

Fri 27.11.2015 – The Junction (Spectaculum Mundi)

Sat 28.11.2015 – Delta Q (Spectaculum Mundi)

Sun 29.11.2015 – Rock4 (Spectaculum Mundi)

Fri 4.12.2015 – basta (Freiheiz)

Sat 5.12.2015 – ONAIR (Freiheiz)

Sun 6.12.2015 – Füenf (Spectaculum Mundi)

Sat 12.12.2015 – A Cappella hoch 4 (Freiheiz)

Sun 13.12.2015 – Voices In Time (Freiheiz)

Next year will be the 20th anniversary of Vokal Total. Like most of the visitors who want to come back every year, I am already looking forward and very curious who will be the newcomers and top groups participating in 2016. Stay tuned!

Leipzig 2012 Revisited (2): Cadence Interview

via Festival für Vokalmusik Leipzig (GER), from the festival programme book 2012

Leipzig’s a cappella festival is a true work of art – for many years this 10-days event has presented almost every vocal star you can imagine from Bobby McFerrin to The Real Group and The King’s Singers. Hosted by Germany’s pride in classical a cappella, amarcord, the 2013 programme is fantastic as always presenting Sjaella (GER), Graindelavoix (BEL), Postyr Project (DEN), Orlando Consort (UK), The Magnets (UK), Huun-Huur-Tu (Tuwa), Latvian Voices (LAT), Naturally 7 (USA) and as the traditional opening concert, amarcord themselves. Yes, this is only ONE festival…

But before we will introduce you to this year’s line-up, we want to look back to the 2012 edition. Leipzig’s programme book is as premium as the festival and its founders and included interviews with every group performing at the festival. Vocal Blog is happy to present a series of interviews with the 2012 vocal groups who came to Leipzig and haven’t been featured on the blog yet. Thanks to Friederike Frieler and Wolfram Lattke for sharing this with the a cappella community.

The first in this series is an interview with members of the Canadian jazz and swing virtuosi, Cadence.

First, please introduce us to your group: How and when did the group form?

We are Cadence.  Four Men. Four Microphones.  No Instruments!  Our group formed out of Toronto’s York University in 1998.


With only four singers your group is comparatively small, but your goal is to push a cappella music to new heights. Was this the main goal when starting Cadence and did you deliberately decide to go as a four-piece for your mission?

Cadence has always been four men.  When you hear Cadence live, or on CD, you’ll be convinced you’re hearing more than four voices.   This is due to the advanced arrangements the that group write themselves.  Sometimes it is a challenge to fill out the sound of our songs with only four voices, but we are constantly working to push the boundaries of what a quartet of voices can do.


Actually, there’s no doubt about the success of your group since you’ve been entertaining crowds all over the world and received various prizes for your records. From all the things you’ve achieved so far, which are the ones you’re especially proud of? And what are your goals for the future, which boundaries are still to be blown up?

We all value our achievements in different ways.  Whether it’s singing along side 10-time Grammy award winner Bobby McFerrin, singing in Hollywood films featuring actors like Kevin Spacey, Jon Lovitz, Kelley Preston, or playing with 6-week old white Bengal tigers while working with the Discovery Channel, we all enjoy these experiences. Cadence is looking forward to a busy year of travelling where we hope to educate and inspire audiences with the possibilities of the human voice.


Why did Cadence choose a mainly jazz/swing sound outfit? Was it mainly a matter of personal taste or does it simply provide you with a wide musical field to operate in?

Jazz allows Cadence to show that with only four voices, you can still create amazing harmonies.  While performing for over a decade, the group has mastered a variety of genres, but the underlying flavor has primarily been jazz.  Over the recent years, the group has decided to focus more in this direction.


All members of the group do also play at least one instrument (in most cases a lot more…). Hand on heart: Do you prefer singing or playing instruments and why?

One of the great things about vocal music is the connection we get from singing together. We don’t need instruments to make that happen only our own voices so we always have our music with us.

All of the members of Cadence are multi-instrumentalists.   Between us we play the saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, and many more.  Even though we can make all these instrument sounds with our voices, we never stop loving to play the actual instruments we imitate.


Which musicians, composers and arrangers do inspire you and why?

People assume that because we sing a cappella, that’s our favorite music to listen to.  But Cadence listens to all kinds of music.  Our inspiration comes from a variety of sources.  People like Bobby McFerrin, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, and styles such as classical, rock, pop, jazz and gospel!

Amarcord’s Wolfram Lattke and Felix Krause with their festival BMW

We’re just curios: Will you prepare some kind of “best of” for the concert in Leipzig or we will hear mainly newer songs, especially from the “Speak Easy” album?

Cadence continues to sing songs from “Frost Free” 2000, “Twenty For One” 2005, and “Speak Easy” 2010, so audiences can expect an eclectic mix of tunes. In this sense we will be performing a collection of our favourites.


You recently also released a holiday album called “Cool Yule”. What was the idea behind it and what meaning does this album have to you?

Fans, friends, and family have been asking for a holiday album for years.  We all chose songs that remind us of that time of year.  Our goal was to create a winter album anyone can play over the holidays for years to come.


What can people expect from a typical Cadence concert?

A typical Cadence concert is an interactive and engaging experience. Rather than just singing at you, expect us to involve the whole audience in the music. You’ll also hear our usual variety of vocal instrument sounds which gives us many musical ingredients to draw from.  We’ll put a smile on your face, a tear in your eye, we’ll get your toes tapping before we say goodbye.


Is there some kind of ritual before going on stage, which is indispensable for your ensemble?

Cadence performs as many as 140 shows a year.  We each prepare for concerts in our own way, but in the end, we all come together to give audiences something to remember!

Have you visited Vocal Blog’s Facebook fanpage and group? Do you follow Vocal Blog on Twitter? Have you been shopping at Acappellazone? And have you ever immersed in the a cappella video pool (600 vocal music and counting) at Let us know what you like most, what’s still missing and what other great sources there are for contemporary, rhythmic a cappella! {FSt}


LACF 2012 Video Greetings

recorded by Vocal Blog on Tour aka Florian Städtler on Sat, Jan 14th at Kings Place, London

Three times is a tradition, they say. So after Aarhus Vocal Festival 2011 and SoJam 2011, Vocal Blog video greetings from international vocal music events are now becoming a tradition. I haven’t counted the nationalities, groups etc. But I think this series of virtual hellos gives you a pretty nice impression of the artists and audience attending London A Cappella Festival 2012. Have fun watching the videos and thanks for sharing. For those of you on Twitter: I added the Twitter names of the interviewees; the official festival hashtag is #LACF2012).



JEREMY SADLER (UK) – @thejesmeister


ALEX GODFREE (UK) @voicefestival

THE BROWN DERBIES (USA) @brownderbies

TINE FRIS (DEN) – @tinefris

JEEVES MURPHY (USA) – @euphonismdc

OLIVER GRIFFITHS (UK) – @swinglesingers & AARON JENSEN (CAN) – @cadencetweet

HANS CASSA (NED) – @hanscassa

ANNA ASUNTA & MIA HAFREN (FIN) – @forkacappella

WILLY ETESON (UK) – @willyeteson


THE IKON ARTS SUPERGIRLS (UK) – @ikonarts & @londonacappella


ROSS LYNDE (CAN) – @cadencetweet , AMANDA ALDAG & CHARLIE FRIDAY (USA) – @euphonismdc


CARL BERGER (CAN) – @cadencetweet

DYLAN BELL (CAN) – @freeplay






Florian Städtler is founder Vocal Blog and Chairman of the European Voices Association. He can’t believe how quickly this blog has developed a following of wonderful, intelligent and nicely-smelling people. Thanks for sharing the greatest ideas and the latest aca-gossip with a growing number of vocal music enthusiasts. If you can’t get enough of this stuff and/or want to get in touch with almost 1000 a cappella buddies like Vocal Blog on Facebook. If you want to make us of Vocal Blog as a filter and aggregator of a cappella news, links, tipps and hilarious tweets, follow Vocal Blog on Twitter.

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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss LACF

by Florian Städtler, Vocal Blog

with Clare Wheeler at LACF 2011


Who needs reasons to go to an international a cappella festival in London anyway…? Nevertheless, as this will be my third London A Cappella Festival (LACF), I feel that I might add something to the pre-festival excitement. And maybe make the undecided change their calendars if necessary, persuade the boyfriend (who’s into Heavy Metal) to come along and buy one pair of shoes less (sorry, Clare Wheeler, Tine Fris and Alyusha Chagrin) to buy tickets for the LACF concerts and workshops.

  1. The Swingle Singers: I’m lucky to work with 8 of the best international vocal music acts. But it all started with the Swingles in 2002. And they started London A Cappella Festival. Love you all, you’re my heroes, Sara, Jo, Clare, Oli, Tobi, Kevin and CJ!
  2. The main line-up: FORK (FIN), Cadence (CAN), The Boxettes (UK), The Swingle Singers (guests: Euphonism from NYC) as well as the Vasari Singers, Cottontown Chorus and The London Vocal Project
  3. The free events: Kings Place is a fantastic place to meet and enjoy the company of the aca-family. The foyer stage will present dozens of free performances including reason no. 4…
  4. The Single Singers: This project is a kind of all-star-all-fun-international-virtual-becomes-real vocal group founded by two Dutch singers, Annemarie Homan and Emily May ‘t Hoen. Can you imagine twenty people from ten different countries meeting at LACF to perform their first public concert after only having met (in person) a few hours before? Check out The Single Singers’ blog and don’t miss their performance after the Saturday concert.
  5. The Vocal Jog: Since I’ve been travelling the vocal music world, I always ran – to see at least a bit of the cities I was staying. And due to serious after show parties and missing running gear, I almost always ended up as a solo Vocal Jogger. Morten Vinther, baritone with The Real Group was the first one who really joined me before TRG’s gig in my hometown Freiburg. But at LACF 2012, it looks as if we could beat this Vocal Jog world record! The LACF Vocal Jog 2012 will go ahead on Friday morning, January 13th, somewhere in the vicinity of Euston station. Stay tuned and check the news and details at the Vocal Blog Facebook fanpage.
  6. Educational Events: I could never really believe that a country like England with an incredibly rich choral history was actually an a cappella no man’s land. Thanks to people like Alex Godfree (Voice Festival UK) this is changing quickly.
  7. Acashirt Pictures: This is basically the first time after the launch of my vocal music online shop Acappellazone that I will see people wearing the brandnew “Acashirts”.  A few months ago we met designer Hans Weigel who created the most wonderful a cappella shirt designs. LACF is the first vocal music event who has its official festival shirt sold via Acappellazone. Looking so much forward to pictures of real people in acashirts!
  8. My US friends: It seems like yesterday, when I attended the mother of all US a cappella festivals, SoJam. During my 4-day stay with The Boxettes I met so many fantastic, friendly and talented people, I won’t even begin to give any names here. But I particularly like the fact, that NYC-based group Euphonism will open for the Swingles on Saturday. Safe trip over the pond!
  9. London: is simply my favourite town ever. I’ve been an England fan since I went there with my family in the 70s: Devon cream tea, fish & chips, the Channel ferries, the Cornwall coast. And a two-hours pub stay with my good friend Costa Peristianis (his agency Ikon Arts runs LACF) in October in a most wonderful place called “The Antelope” confirmed my belief that better sooner than later I have to find a way to work at least 3-4 days a month in “The Big Smoke”.
  10. Global A Cappella: One mission in London is to make more movers & shakers (as well as vocal music fans and singers) mark the next super-event in their calendars: The Real Vocal Festival hosted by another European vocal music icon, The Real Group, will go ahead in Sweden’s capital Stockholm from August 16th-19th. Performances by The Real Group, Rajaton, The Swingle Singers, Postyr Project, Vocado a sensational educational programme curated by Peder Karlsson’s Real Academy and – working on it – a meeting of the leaders of CASA (The Contemporary A Cappella Society), EVA (The European Voices Association) and Vocalasia will make TRVF a must-attend-event. Let’s talk about it in London.

Aren’t that reasons to get excited? So get ready for London, tell all your singing or vocal music loving friends to go there. How often has such kind of intense festival experience changed the spirit and the motivation of whole ensembles: There’s nothing like the common experience of both the best artists on stage and the “backstage” moment of talking to the same people in a workshop, listening, learning and laughing while joining this basic need of all human beings: Singing together in a group.

London A Cappella – here we come!

Florian Städtler is founder and chief blogger for Vocal Blog and Chairman of the Board of the recently founded European Voices Association. He is a very lucky guy knowing so many talented and inspiring people who contribute to what seems to become a vocal music movement. His motto: Let’s keep suprising each other!

Thanks for following Vocal Blog on Twitter and liking, sharing, posting on Facebook. And check out Acappellazone, too.